A Last Supper

My study ‘The Last Supper’ was completed, having been invited to join the workers last meal together, immediately before the Ideal Standard factory closed, hence the P45 papers on the table. With only a 30 minute break, time was of the essence. There was very little room between the stacks of cardboard boxes, plastic parts, and assembling machines. However, the table was erected in under two minutes. No sooner had that been done than a feast of precooked Pakistani food was brought out of nowhere. It was strange to eat a main meal at 10am but this was quite late in the day for these early shift workers. A member of management was also invited to attend and discussions of the workers redundancies took place. It created a rather subdued atmosphere. Within minutes, everything was packed up and the men were back to work, almost as if nothing had taken place….very surreal indeed. Acrylic on canvas. 100 x 80 cm. Sold.